The Weather this weekend…

Its 9.18am and already we have had 4 phone calls asking us our weather policy, below I will explain to you how we work with regards to the weather and your booking.  We recently posted about our August cancellations due to wind speeds and gusts being over the HSE limits, and a week or so later we have to do something about the rain

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Cancelling because of Wind Speed in AUGUST

Who would have thought we would be cancelling due to High Wind Speeds in August …. Yet here we are sending a mass text out to all outdoor hirers for tomorrow…..

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YouTuber “Lij Does Life” Drops by to show us how its done

Young YouTuber “Lij Does Life” dropped by to show us hows its done in the bouncy castle industry, with his wealth of specialist knowledge and many years of experience we were glad he was on-hand to assist!