Disco Bouncy Castle with Front Slide

From From: £130.00

Introducing the ultimate inflatable for the 2024 season – a fantastic all-in-one unit that combines a bouncy castle, a front slide, and a built-in disco feature. This multi-functional inflatable is in high demand, so we recommend securing your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

IndoorsAll Year (excluding July/August)
OutdoorsMarch 2nd – September 30th

Overal Size (LxWxH): 4.6m (15.09ft) x 3.7m (12.14ft) x 2.9m (9.51ft)


From the front of the step to the back of the fan is 20ft (6.1m) *


From side to side is 12.4ft (3.7m)


To the top of the inflatable 10ft (3.1m)


It is recommended to allow a gap around the inflatable.  It is recommended to allow at least 6.5ft (2m) at the front of the step/slide for users to safely enter and exit the inflatable.  There should be no obstacles such as walls, washing lines, poles, or anything that can be a danger within this zone, inflatables will not be set up if it is touching anything other than the ground , for example being too close to a wall where it could rub and damage.

*may be able to decrease this by 2ft by “angling” the fan if need be – however we cannot bend the pipe


Introducing our Disco Bouncy Castle with Front Slide – the perfect addition to any party or event! This all-in-one inflatable is a bouncy castle, slide, and disco unit rolled into one, making it a popular choice for all ages. Don’t miss out – book early to secure your spot!

Available for hire both indoors and outdoors, this unit is perfect for year-round fun. It’s suitable for children, teens, and adults alike, making it a hit at any event. With a Bluetooth disco system, disco lights, and disco music, this bouncy castle is sure to bring the party to life.

Measuring 4.6m (15.09ft) x 3.7m (12.14ft) x 2.9m (9.51ft), this unit is spacious and can accommodate multiple users at once. It’s recommended to allow a gap around the inflatable for safety purposes. The front slide and bouncy castle are both genuine and provide hours of fun.

Safety is our top priority, which is why all our electrical equipment is PAT tested annually and visually inspected before every hire. We are also registered on the national RPII database and comply with all current HSE guidelines. Rest assured, our Disco Bouncy Castle with Front Slide has been professionally inspected and approved by Airquee Ltd.

We understand that logistics can be a concern when it comes to hiring inflatables, which is why we provide all the necessary information up front. We require parking and direct access to the drop location, as well as a clear path to set up the unit. For outdoor hires, the inflatable must be pegged down, so please ensure the location is suitable. We also offer a variety of payment options to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our delivery and collection times are sent via text message a few days before your booking. Please adhere to these times to ensure a successful set up and collection. If you have any concerns about the size of the unit, please refer to the product sizes on the page or get in touch with us.

In the event of rain, we do allow most of our inflatables to be used, with the exception of our indoor-only range and a few larger units. However, if you wish to cancel due to weather, please give us as much notice as possible. In the winter months, we have allocated some of our fleet for indoor use only, but we also have certain inflatables available for outdoor use during this time.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate party experience – book our Disco Bouncy Castle with Front Slide today!

Area Suitability

Indoors on Hard Surface (All Year (excluding July/August)
Outdoors on Grass (not allowed between Oct 1st and March 1st)
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age Suitability

Age RangeSuitable

Safety is the cornerstone of what we do (it’s not all fun and games!) – Here’s a brief guide of our compliance with the BSEN14960:2013 and how we go above and beyond the requirements to fulfil our obligations. All our electrical equipment is PAT TESTED (annually) with visual inspections done on EVERY hire and bi-yearly records made.  We are also registered on the national RPII database of accredited controllers and operators,  this ensures our set-ups are done properly and to the current recommended HSE guidelines. For more information on our Health and Safety and our due diligence please click HERE.

Unit Has Been Professional Inspected on behalf of the PIPA REGISTER by Airquee Ltd Official Tag Number 49342




Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. Please do get in touch if you have any other queries.

Parking and Loading

We require parking and access to the venue for large vans (Luton size). We will not park illegally, and all parking costs are to be covered by the customer. Inadequate parking may cause delays or require us to return at a later time. Please contact us to discuss access and parking concerns. We are not classified as multi-drop and cannot park in loading bays due to setup and drop-down times.


We require direct access to the drop location. If access involves garages, corridors, houses, or other obstacles, please ensure they are clear. The inflatables are not designed to be carried uphill or up steps. Contact us if you have hills or steps to navigate from the van to the loading area.

Can my hire go on Astro Turf?

It is a legal requirement that all inflatables are pegged down. Our teams carry weights for indoor hires, but we will not accept bookings for inflatables on astro turf.

When Do I Pay the Remaining Balance and How?

Our drivers accept cash on arrival only, as this is considered cleared payment. Do not attempt to pay by cheque or card on the day of delivery. Our team is unable to accept instant bank transfers on-site. If you wish to pay by any method other than cash on arrival, this must be cleared and confirmed 48 hours before your start date. Please contact the administration team at Total Bounce to arrange payment.

What Time Is My Booking From and To?

Delivery and collection times are sent via text a few days before your booking. Ensure your mobile number is correct on your confirmation email. If you are not present at the specified time, we cannot wait due to a strict schedule. If you have specific time constraints, such as party invites, please contact us before booking to confirm your times.

Due to high traffic levels, especially during the summer, some deliveries may start as early as 6:30 am. You will be notified of times nearer your booking date, typically by late Wednesday evening before the weekend. We advise adhering to the given times to ensure timely delivery. Collections start at 6 pm, with our latest collection usually at 8 pm. Requests for later collections may incur additional charges.

What if my inflatable does not fit?

All sizes, including widths and heights, are listed on the product pages. It is your responsibility to ensure the inflatable fits your venue. Full payment is required even if the item does not fit, as the booking is reserved for you on that day.

How Long is the Hire For?

All day! Our drivers are on the road from early morning to late evening. We encourage you to enjoy the inflatable for as long as possible.

Do I need Power on site?

Yes, we need to plug directly into a socket, not an extension lead or adaptor. The socket must be within 25 metres for standard leads or up to 50 metres for specialist leads. If there is no power available, you will need petrol generators (one per unit, with double assault courses requiring two). Full payment is required before delivery if using your own generator.

Can I have the inflatable after 8 pm or overnight?

Yes, but there may be extra costs involved. Please get in touch with your requirements, including times and location.

I Have an Outdoor Hire and I’m Worried About Rain

Weather predictions are more accurate within three days of the date. Most inflatables can be used in the rain, except for indoor-only and some larger units. If you wish to cancel due to weather, you may lose your booking fee. If torrential rain is forecast, we will contact you to rearrange or refund at our discretion.

In winter (1st October to 1st March), some inflatables are allocated for indoor hire only, but certain units are still available for outdoor hire.

How Do I Pay?

When booking online, you will pay a £25 booking fee. The remaining balance is payable in cash on arrival unless alternative arrangements are made. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, reply to the confirmation text message for bank details. Payment must be made by 8 pm on the Thursday before your booking to be cleared for the drivers.

Will You Let Me Put Inflatables on Communal/Shared Grounds?

Yes, with written permission from the landowner, sent directly to us with the hire date. There is a maximum hire time of four hours due to supervision and responsibility issues. This excludes public events and includes private domestic hires.

Can I Get a Discount?

We do not offer discounts, except on online promotions. However, we are happy to discount multiple units hired simultaneously. Please contact us with your requirements.

Will You Let Me Down?

Absolutely not. We have never let a customer down. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of reliability, especially for children’s parties. With 18 years of experience and 100% positive feedback, we ensure timely delivery of high-quality inflatables.

What if there is a delay at my hall/event?

Delays caused by key holders or event staff not being on site may result in us leaving without setting up your hire. Full payment is still required. To avoid delays, liaise with Total Bounce administration staff to ensure all arrangements are made prior to our team’s arrival.

Why is the price the same for a few hours and all day?

The price covers reserving the inflatable for the entire day, including setup, cleaning, and collection. The service is the same regardless of the duration. We do not hire inflatables twice in one day, so the entire day is reserved for you.

Deposit Payment showing as “Retro Play LTD” on my statement?

Total Bounce is a trading name of Retro Play LTD.