Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers – please do Get in Touch if you have any other questions.

Parking and Loading

We require parking and access to the venue, we will require parking for large vans (Luton size) – we will not park illegally, all parking costs will be covered by the customer, if there is no adequate parking this could cause delays, and may even involve having to come back to the venue at later time, due to other deliveries, please get in touch to discuss access and parking concerns. We are not classed as Multi drop so are unable to park in “loading” bays due to the set up and drop down times.


We require direct access to the drop location, if this means going through garages, corridors, houses or other obstacles please ensure they are clear, the inflatables are NOT designed to be carried up hill or up steps – please get in touch if you have hills and steps to navigate away from the van loading area.

Can my hire go on Astro Turf?

Its a legal requirement that all inflatables are pegged down – our teams do carry weights on board (for indoor hires) but we will NOT take a booking knowing it is going on astro turf!

When Do I Pay The Rest and How?

Our drivers are able to take CASH ON ARRIVAL ONLY, as this is classed as CLEARED PAYMENT, please do not attempt to pay with cheque, or card, on the day of delivery – our team are also too busy to be able to accept an instant bank transfer on-site , as the installation team do not (For obvious reasons) have access to the company bank account – IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY ANY OTHER METHOD THAN CASH ON ARRIVAL then this needs to be cleared and confirmed 48 hours BEFORE YOUR START DATE, please get in touch with the administration team at Total Bounce to arrange payment. 

What Time Is My Booking from and To?

All delivery times and collection times are sent via text message a few days before your booking is due – please check your mobile number is correct on your confirmation email –  please note if you are NOT there at the time, we cannot wait, we have other customers to attend to and a strict schedule of set up times. If you are in a hired facility such as a hall or field whereby you have strict times (For example party invites) please get in touch BEFORE booking to confirm your times.

Due to our location in the country (on the M5) and the majority of the UK , NOT going abroad this year (2021) we anticipate HUGE levels of traffic, much bigger than usual, and we do NOT want this traffic to interfere with our perfect record of attendance, for this reason we now route our journeys with some deliveries starting as early at 6.30am, to ensure we can work AGAINST the flow of the summer madness that we calculate. You will be notified of the times nearer the date of your booking (normally late Wednesday evening before!) , we advise you to try and adhere to the times to ensure the delivery is made, we are also looking at logistics and may in some cases contact you to arrange a next day collection (even if only booked for one day) at no extra costs to you – just to simplify logistics and ensure we do not spend our time sat on the anticipated M5 “Car Park”.

We aim to have everyone set up by 10.30am at the very latest and our collections start at 6pm – if making party invites, we would advise starting parties from 11am to give your children time to enjoy the inflatable before your guests arrive.

Our latest collection is usually 8pm, requests outside of this time may incur additional charges (usually overnight hire prices/2 day bookings).

What if my inflatable does not fit?

All sizes, including widths and heights are on the product sizes on the page of the inflatables, it is down to you to check your sizes for garden and hall hires. We visit many venues and do not have venue sizes, you will need to get this from the venue itself, the responsibility is on you to ensure you book something that fits, full payment is required even if you do not have items as the items have been booked for you for that day regardless. 

How Long is The Hire For?

All day! Our drivers are out on the road from early AM to late PM. we encourage you to have the castle for as long as possible for more fun!

Do I need Power on site?

Yes! We must plug directly into a socket, not an extension lead or 4 way adaptor, we must be 25 metres or less away in order to use our standard leads, for specialist leads we can be UP TO 50m. If you have no available power within the vicinity than you will require Petrol generators (1 per unit – double assault courses require 2). If you are using your own generator – full payment is required prior to delivery.

Our petrol fans that we supply have a run time of approximately 3.5 – 4.5 hours and will require refuelling if your hire period is more than this, we often include a container of fuel to refill – they are petrol fuel.

Can I have the castle AFTER 8pm or Overnight?

You sure can! There may be some small extra costs involved, the easiest way to find out is Get in touch and let us know what you want, the times you want it and your location.

I Have an Outdoor Hire and I’m Worried About If It Rains?

Firstly, we have been in the industry a long time and we know not to count on weather predictions 10 days before the date, weather predictions are more precise within 3 days of the date. We WILL allow most of our inflatables in the rain (with the exception of our indoor only range, and a couple of the larger units) and quite often once the rain shower has passed you simply wipe the step of the already inflated unit and your good to go again – however – should you wish to cancel your booking (please give us as much notice as possible!) You may lose your booking fee – If on the day it looks like it is going to be torrential rainfall throughout the course of the hire, we will contact you and  re-arrange a day with you – or , at our discretion, on the day; refund the booking fee.

Please note in the Winter months (1st October to 1st March) we have allocated some of our fleet to INDOOR HIRE DURING WINTER MONTHS ONLY – as well as allowing certain inflatables to be HIRED OUTDOORS DURING WINTER

How Do I Pay?

When you book the inflatable (preferably online) you will pay a £25 booking fee, the rest is payable CASH on arrival on the day , unless we have made alternative arrangements with you prior to your booking. When you receive the text message (by 11pm the Wednesday before your booking) you can reply requesting bank details if you wish to pay via bank transfer – this will need to be paid before 8pm Thursday to show as cleared on the drivers manifests, failure to pay on time will mean cash on DELIVERY only – and no way of drivers to check banked payments.

Will You Let Me Put Inflatables on Communal/Shared Grounds?

Providing you have sought the landowners permission and have it in writing – sent directly to us from them with date of hire or date range, we can put inflatables up on communal grounds,  however there is a maximum hire time of 4 hours, this is due to supervision and responsibility issues – this excludes public events and includes private domestic hires.

Can I get A Discount?

We do not offer discounts (except on our on-line promotions) , however we are happy to discount multiple units (on the same hire) for you, please get in touch and let us know what  you are looking for (which units) , the dates and locations of your hire.

Will you let me down?

Quite simply, NO, we have never let a customer down,  As parents of children ourselves (with the boss having 5 children!) we know there is NO EXCUSE to let down a child’s birthday party, the mere thought fills us with dread! This is why choosing a professional company, such as ours ensures we are there on the day providing high quality inflatables, on time, with our 18 years of experience and 100% positive feedback. 

What if there is a delay at my hall/event?

Delays out of our control such as key holders failing to arrive, event staff members not on site, or any other thing that may interfere with other customer bookings being late, will not be welcomed – Our staff have set times to arrive and set up and be on route to the next customer – Each van serves multiple customers per day, and any delays caused by yourselves, your hired venue or anything out of our control at your delivery address will potentially mean that we have to leave without setting up your hire – we may be able to return once other deliveries have been done – as per the booking terms, we will still require full payment for the items we have arrived with. 

To ensure there are no delays at your venue, may we suggest liaising with Total Bounce administration staff via email to ensure all arrangements are made prior to our installation team arriving on site. We want to work with you to avoid any delays or worse, being unable to deliver because of errors or issues on your or your venues part.

Why is the price the same for just a couple of hours to all day?

We provide a hire service which includes reserving the item for you for the date you want it, arriving on time to set up and arriving back on time to pack away – this includes cleaning and making sure the inflatable is ready for you – the amount of time you have the inflatable makes no difference to the price as the service is exactly the same – we would not hire inflatables twice in one day so the entire day is reserved for you. When people hire a hall we have to abide by the hall times to ensure we can deliver at a set time and collect at set time, these restrictions are different to when people hire for their home, whereby we can route in the deliveries in a delivery route, logistically its easier for us as a company to drop in the mornings to homes and collect in the evenings, rather than bounce between hall times all day, if anything, we should charge for the extra fuel used in having to collect at set times – but we do not.

Deposit Payment showing as “Retro Play LTD” on my statement?

Total Bounce is a trading name of Retro Play LTD.  All prices include VAT at 20%