COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Assessment & Policy

Edited and revised 4th November 2020 in line with our Lockdown Policy and Statement (here)



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is creating uncertainty for many of us in our daily lives. We’d like to reassure you that here at Total Bounce we wish we could keep our operations running as normal and are working together with local and national government and industry partners so you can once again continue to use our services in the future. Its important to remember our industry deals primarily with younger people, in large groups and that it is difficult to operate during the legal 6 person limit.

We have a number of already standard policies in place such as

  • Keep everything clean between hires
  • Soft play sanitising before and after use
  • Ensuring employees are not ill and are fit for work
  • Ensuring employees clean their hands regularly

We have now added extra measures which include

  • No inflatables to be hired indoors – outdoor hires only
  • Extra sanitising on inflatables and soft play
  • Promotion of regular hand washing and sanitising of staff
  • Freedom to wear additional PPE , such as face masks and gloves
  • Regular briefs and updates with all staff on conditions
  • Breaks between hire of units of no less than 4 days
  • Breaks between hire of soft play of no less than 6 days
  • Discourage of Social Gatherings by setting up “out of sight”
  • Flagging all customers to our Lockdown Policy and Statement (here)
  • Not setting up whereby installers on site creates a legal issue


Prior to Lockdown we were assessing each hire individually, some venues that are used for hire (such as village halls) are not cleaned properly between hires, and are simply swept up between hire – this could mean by the time an afternoon party occurs, that potentially 2 other parties have happened (with max capacity of 60 people this is potentially 180 visitors partying by the time we collect the unit) that day, with more on further days (such as a Sunday on a weekend) – Its important to ask your venue for their cleaning and policy whilst we are at a time of national crisis. When the rule of six came in force we ceased to hire to halls and rental venues – during lockdown we are NOT hiring to any other venues other than private garden hires, this includes community centres, shared land, and other venues of similar nature.


Whilst we were instructed to continue as normal by national and local government we will assess EVERY hire individually and include its location, as well as if any laws/rules or guidelines are to be broken (thus the hire will NOT take place) – at present ZERO bookings remain affected within the company – if things prove worse or we are asked to “self isolate” (as a nation) then we will re-evaluate this policy. Whilst we are not an essential retail unit, we are unable to continue trading from home, thus we are legally allowed to trade, however we need these restrictions and policies in place in order for us to continue – your co-operation is paramount to ensure this works, as well as decrease the risk of the virus spreading.


Can we ask that all customers are doing their part in the prevention of the spread, including washing their hands prior to using the equipment and keeping the equipment clean in general, ensuring that we are made aware of any potential illnesses at the venue/home locations prior to the visit and remaining compliant with all national and local requirements that may be put in place during this pandemic.

We are relying on customers to be as honest as possible with us and inform us if any of the users of the inflatable have had any symptoms of the virus PRIOR to our arrival. We ask all customers to distance themselves from our staff (stay indoors) and to pay in full over the telephone prior to our visit, we also ask that customers ONLY ALLOW USERS FROM THE HOUSEHOLD on the inflatable during its hire period (this is law!).

Our staff WILL NOT break the law for you, please ensure with our staff on site we are the only ones from the household.


Edited and revised 4th November 2020 in line with our Lockdown Policy and Statement (here)