Cancelling because of Wind Speed in AUGUST

So we have just put out the mass text to all customers who have hired for tomorrow (10th August 2019) – to inform them that according to the predicted wind speeds (and gusts) , its ALL going to exceed the HSE guidelines of not setting up in wind speeds or gusts of 24mph.

So looking down the “Average” column above from 7am till 7pm the average wind speeds exceeds (or starts to be) 24mph , but the gusts (in the Gust column) are much stronger, including rare 50mph+ gusts, and you know what, the actual rain doesnt even look too bad one 10am passes!


Quite simply, if there was to be an incident and we were to set up, then we are to blame, there is no in between, its very simple we do not want to the responsibility of serious injury (or worse) of your children or the users of the inflatable on our hands!


When sending a cancellation message around we are often met with resentment, and often get customer arguing that they “are happy to take the risk” , this is absolutely absurd and you are literally gambling with your children/users lives, often we get threats of leaving bad reviews on our social media – all this because we want their family and friends to be safe!!!


Lets be quite clear we DO NOT want to EVER cancel any hire, but we will when its unsafe, the costs to us are MUCH HIGHER than then initial £10 deposit people have paid, for example we do not make a final decision until the day before, often when we have loaded the next days units on to the vans (2 members of staff 2 hours) , then offload to sort through the indoor and outdoor hires (2 members of staff 1 hour). Plus the amount of indoor hires that take place that cannot book the items you have reserved for your outdoor hire are also long gone.


Having booked in staff stood around wasting time for a morning is not what we want to be paying for, we want them out on the road, delivering your inflatables, and getting paid, however if it is deemed unsafe, we take a huge loss of wages and costs, we promise our staff a set number of hours per week/weekend (subject to their contract), and cant just send them home because of mass cancellations.

So please, if we have to cancel, which we really dont want to do, especially at the peak time of the year, please do not think we are doing it for ANY OTHER REASON than your family/friends safety, we have NOT “let you down” , we have NOT “last minute ditched” you, we have actually “Done you a solid!”.  We will happily move bookings and dates over with you.

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