What Should a School Look For When Hiring Inflatables For an Event?

When hiring inflatables for a school fair, there are several things to consider to ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable for all participants. Here are some factors that a school should look for when hiring inflatables:


The safety of the children should be the top priority when choosing inflatables for a school fair. The inflatables should be made of high-quality materials and be regularly inspected and maintained. The inflatables should also be set up and supervised by trained professionals to ensure that they are used safely.

Here at Total Bounce, all our staff are trained and experienced, our inflatables as tested every year as per the HSE requirements, whilst not actually “law” we adhere to all HSE regulations in the hire of inflatables. We have trained installers and operators, and all set ups are to a high standard.


The school should choose inflatables that are appropriate for the age range of the children who will be attending the fair. For example, younger children may enjoy bouncy houses or slides, while older children may prefer obstacle courses or sports-themed inflatables. We have a great range of themed inflatables such as our Toxic Obstacle Course, as well as our matching Toxic Bouncy castle, we also have a HUGE selection of Circus Themed inflatables to create your own multi-age package! We have a large selection of bouncy castles and more to choose from.


The size of the inflatable should be appropriate for the space available at the school fair. The school should ensure that the inflatables can be safely set up and that there is enough space around them for children to play without risk of injury. All our inflatables product pages show sizes (as well as other information) so you can see the sizes at a glance.


The capacity of the inflatables should also be considered. The school should choose inflatables that can accommodate a reasonable number of children at one time, without causing overcrowding or long wait times. You can see the recommended number of users in the SAFETY tab on the product page. We highly advise never to mix younger children with more boisterous older children.


The inflatables should be clean and well-maintained to ensure that they are safe and hygienic for children to use. All our inflatables are regularly cleaned, sanitised and inspected.


The school should also ensure that the inflatable is staffed throughout the duration of use, ensuring that users (children) play safe and keeping mixed sizes apart and ensuring that everyone has a great time. Total Bounce are able to provide staff to “man” inflatables for events. Our staff are even able to collect money on your behalf or tickets/wristbands to ensure you can profit from your hire.


Total Bounce do not offer a profit share system, we only hire out bouncy castles (i.e. you pay for the inflatable in full), if staff are taking money for you this is 100% all yours.

Overall, when hiring inflatables for a school fair, the school should prioritise safety, age-appropriateness, size, capacity, and cleanliness. By considering these factors, the school can ensure that the inflatables provide a fun and safe experience for all children at the fair.

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