Van (Any Size) Owner Drivers Wanted


We are Total Bounce – Bouncy Castle Hire, we cover Weston-super-Mare and surrounding areas although we do go as far as Minehead, Taunton, Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury. You get paid depending on the area you are going to, for example you get £25 per customer within Weston-super-Mare and surrounding area £30 for Clevedon and so on….

All our current drivers are VERY happy with the pay rate scheme we offer and have all said how good it is.We also pay extra if you take out the larger inflatables, this is to cover you paying assistance or we can provide drivers mates.

You would be on a self employed basis so as long as we get a receipt from you , it is up to you to pay any tax or National Insurance.

The job itself is simple, you load up your days routes from our depot in Weston-super-Mare and you deliver to your customers at the ALLOCATED TIME SLOTS, you can check your routes any time during the week if you use GMAIL (we use google calendars).

Once loaded with the inflatables and equipment you arrive to the customers premises on time (or early) unload, get paper work signed, set up the inflatables, collect the payment, run through a brief common sense safety talk (2 mins) and then go on to the next customer.

You will then do this for all deliveries and start your collections at the allocated times this is basically returning to the premises, deflating the inflatable, packing it away the correct way (training will be given) and eventually returning to the depot, to unload.

We pride ourselves on our appearance, attitude and sense of fun, we like this to rub off and be seen by all our customers, we expect everyone to wear the provided  Total Bounce polo shirts, clean jeans/joggers/shorts and TRAINERS (easy off and ‘onable’ for going on inflatables!), you are representing our company and our image, this is everything to us.

We obviously expect no smoking, no drinking (even at the parties) , no swearing, and speaking to the customers correctly (Remember the phrase “the customer is always right”) , you should have a level head and be able to keep a calm temper (no matter how annoying people can be in some instances!) , if you use your own assistants they too will be expected to adhere with the above.

We will pay you in cash on the day, as you will be handling cash. You are responsible for any errors you make with any finances, which need to be immediately rectified with us, by you.

We are only looking for hard working , reliable and honest people, if you are the type to let people down at the last minute, or drop everything for a better offer, we prefer if you did not waste ours or your time, if you let us down, we could potentially end up letting a child down who has a bouncy castle booked for his/her party, this, in our books, is unacceptable! We do not give second chances under no circumstances. We have no problem with time off if booked as early as possible – this enables us to arrange cover.

Some of the ‘tools’ you will be expected to provide , sack trucks (although we have spares we can lend), mallet, towels (for cleaning units on occasion) and a soft sweeping brush (pref broom!)

We’ve been doing it for years and the drivers we have with us now are good blokes, we are expanding our operations and stock – Bookings are coming in thick and fast and we’ve yet to add all the inflatables to our websites!

Because you are working with children and possibly vulnerable adults you will need to be able to pass a CRB, this can be discussed more at the ‘informal chat’.

Please can you supply the following to us VIA EMAIL : info@totalbounce.co.uk (click here for contact form)

Applicant Full Name
Phone Number
applicants Age
Type of vehicle
How long have held a license for
Married/Single/Living with partner
Number of live in children
Relevant Experience
Strength and fitness levels
are you currently working
Do you have a CV (include it)
Will you pass a CRB
A sentence or 2 about yourself

once we have this information on file we will contact you to arrange an informal chat