Soft Play Hire


Our soft play hire is especially designed for the under 6s, our range of safe,colourful and imaginative equipment will stimulate, delight and amuse children for hours. All our range is colourful, vibrant and bright to attract childrens attention, whatever their age. All our range is very very safe, made from the finest flame retardant materials and Manufactured in accordance to all HSE standards. All our range is imaginative and exciting, encouraging creativity and active involvement, thereby creating a playful but educational environment.

Ideal for Playgroups, Child Minders, Fun Days, Baby Events, Birthday Parties, Nurseries, Tots Groups, Waiting Rooms, Creches, Pubs, Hotels and indeed anywhere where small Children and toddlers are likely to be. We only hire our soft play indoors (or with our add-on inflatable fun room) and ask that our soft play does not go outdoors.  All soft play is sanitised on arrival, thus you are requested to allow us 30 minutes to set up the soft play.

Package Options

See below for descriptions

OPTION 1 – Soft Play (25 pieces & trikes, seesaw, tunnels & tents)
OPTION 2 – Soft Play + Ball Pool
OPTION 3 – Ball Pool Only (Soft Play Ball Pool & All Balls)
OPTION 4 – Soft Play + Ball Pool + Outdoor Fun Building


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    This quote is fully inclusive, it includes delivery, set-up and cleaning - It does NOT include any charges for having to collect the balls up or any deposits that MAY be payable.

Soft Play Equipment

25 piece set with assorted colours and shapes, including soft mats, Little Tyke Trike and a small seesaw. We also include light music nursery rhymes with this, but you will be required to plug the stereo in.

Ball Pool

7ftx7ft ball pool, assembled from soft play style play bricks and a huge assortment of coloured balls. PLEASE NOTE: In some cases you may be charged a £50 security deposit for the ball pond, this is for 2 reasons. (1) – To ensure there are no ‘toilet’ accidents, thus the deposit will be kept to have the unit professionally cleaned and sanitised and (2) It is YOUR responsibility to ensure all balls are re-bagged before the collection of the soft play, failure to do so will result in £25 being kept towards re-bagging time.

Outdoor Fun Building

An inflatable building mainly used when the soft play is required outside (or outdoor baby events), this can be used indoors, inflatable pump requires mains plug or generators can be supplied (At an extra cost). A standard household plug socket is suitable.